April 12

TPD Deadline Day Looming!

On the 20thMay 2016 the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations implemented the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). This regulation set out the requirements for nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and refill containers (e-liquids).

The TPD introduced new rules to ensure:

  • There is a minimum standard for the safety and quality of e-cigarettes and e-liquids.
  • The availability of information for the customer so that they can make an informed decision.
  • Fostering an environment that looks to discourage children from starting to use these products.

With the sell through period coming to an end on 19thMay 2017, failure to meet these requirements has consequences for retailers and producers.


As a retailer, you do not need to submit information for any products you sell, unless you qualify as a producer. You have until 19th May 2017 to sell any stock of products that do not comply with the labelling and product composition requirements of the TPD. After this date, it is your responsibility to ensure any new products you purchase are compliant with the TPD. The MHRA will publish a link to a web page where you can check all products which are compliant.


The regulations define a producer as:

“anyone who manufactures or imports these products or who re-brands any product as their own”

If you are a producer, you are required to submit information about your products to the MHRA through the EU-CEG (European Common Entry Gate) notification portal.

The MHRA has uploaded the first products which have been submitted. However, they are keen to stress they have not checked each notification for completeness or that these products are TPD compliant.

Here is a snapshot of what it currently looks like:

tpd submissions.png

Have you made your submission?
If not, with the final deadline of 19th May 2017 looming there is still time to act.

At Broughton Laboratories we have completed emissions & e-liquid testing for over 5,000 TPD notifications. Do you need help in testing your products before next month’s deadline? Or do you need more information on the TPD regulations?


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About the Author

Chris Allen is the Chief Scientific Officer at Broughton Nicotine Services. Since obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, Chris has gained over 20 years of analytical and regulatory experience working in global Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies and within leading Contract Research Organizations. Chris co-founded Broughton Nicotine Services sister company (Broughton Laboratories) in 2006 and played a pivotal role in obtaining the first UK Medicinal License for an Electronic Cigarette, a project starting in 2010. Now with over ten years of working with ENDS, Chris has become well established as a recognized SME in the regulations and chemistry of tobacco products. In the position of Chief Scientific Officer, Chris’ key objective is to support the acceleration of safer nicotine delivery products to market and to deliver value and unrivalled experiences to our customers.